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City trips and offers in The Hague

The Hague travel guide

The Hague, or ‘s-Gravenhage, is the third-largest city in the Netherlands. The rather modern city has many museums with famous paintings that attract tourists from all over the world.
Once you get a bit more into the city center you will see the typical Dutch houses again, but then overshadowed by modern high-rise buildings.
In the city, you will also find the Dutch royal family, the Dutch parliament, and many embassies or international courts.
The beach of Scheveningen is also only five kilometers from the city… You see it; The Hague is a bit of a jack of all trades. Everyone can find something to their liking!

Accommodation – A youth hostel or hostel is, as always, the cheapest. The Stayokay hostel is the cheapest (€20 – €25 per night), but I didn’t like the stay okay youth hostels. For the same price, you can already stay in a youth hostel right in the center.
A budget room for two people starts at +/- €60 per night. An apartment is sometimes even cheaper itself, with prices starting at €50 per night.
You don’t pay extremely much for more luxurious hotels. You can already spend the night in a three-star hotel for €70 a night. The Mercure Hotel(four stars) regularly offers promotions, so you can spend the night in The Hague for €65.
You can view all hotels, hostels, B&Bs, and other accommodation in The Hague (including promotions) on booking, Tripadvisor, or hostelsclub.

Food – The Hague is a big city, so you will find restaurants or food for everyone’s budget. It is almost impossible to get cheaper than Hema. There you can eat a lasagna for two or three euros or a stew for €5.
In a restaurant you pay between €10 and €17 for lunch, €15 or more for an evening meal. For a soft drink you pay between €2 and €4, for a beer from €3.

Transport – The Hague is not very big and so you can easily explore it on foot, but sometimes a tram can be useful. If you are staying in the Netherlands for a while, I recommend purchasing an OV chip card (€7.5) and then providing it with some money. If you don’t stay longer than a weekend, you can of course just buy a few tickets. A single ticket will easily cost you two or three euros, while a day ticket costs only €6.50. A three-day ticket costs €16.50.


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Tips to save money in The Hague

Eat-in the Hema – The Hema has a full floor for anyone hungry and exhausted after shopping in the streets of The Hague. There you can find tasty and cheap food. Lasagne’s start at €2 or €3, toasted sandwiches (Croque monsieurs) at €2 and daily, fresh preparations for €5 or €6!

Do not book a hotel right in the center – The Hague is very small. So you can easily get there on foot, or by tram/bus. A hotel that is right in the center often costs much more than one that is just next to it.

Buy combi tickets for museums – There are many museums in The Hague. As a result, many museums collaborate with other cultural buildings in the form of combi tickets. For example, the Escher Museum offers a combination together with the panorama of Mesdag. You can easily save €5 per ticket!
Even better, if you are interested in a lot of museums, is to buy a museum card. This gives access to many art collections throughout the Netherlands.

Escher in the palace –  Anyone who is a fan of Maurits Cornelis Escher has to go here. You can see the beautiful works of the artist here spread over two (actually three) floors and you can see the evolution of the draftsman/painter/etcher. On the top floor is a surrealistic exhibition that shows you how easily we can be fooled by perspective.

Mauritshuis – The outside of the building alone is worth visiting! The Mauritshuis houses the Royal Cabinet of Paintings. A collection of (mainly) paintings from the golden age of the Netherlands. Nice to be able to see these expensive works from so close. The public’s favorite remains of course ‘The girl with a pearl earring’ by Vermeer.

Binnenhof – Right next to the Mauritshuis you will find the Binnenhof. These different buildings are very important for Dutch politics. The Prime Minister currently has his office in this building complex. Although you may not be able to see much of the Dutch politicians, it is still a very nice place to set up your camera.

Panorama van Mesdag – The Hague School can of course be seen everywhere in The Hague. One of his most famous painters is Hendrik Willem Mesdag. In the museum, you will find many works by this painter. But the most impressive is his largest panorama in the back of the museum. The cylindrical painting is no less than 120 meters long and 14 meters high! This beautiful work of art was completed in less than a year and was recently restored.

Madurodam – Brussels has Mini Europe, The Hague has Madurodam. Madurodam has hundreds of scale models of various Dutch cities. Immediately extend your city trip across the Netherlands by visiting this amusement park!

Scheveningen – Do you want to recover from all the beautiful paintings, sculptures, and other works of art that you have seen? Quickly cycle to Scheveningen! This popular seaside resort may not be the most beautiful coast in the Netherlands, but it offers plenty of space to enjoy the sea air, the chirping seagulls, and the salty water.

Things to Do in The Hague

Avoid in The Hague

Using flash in museums – Many works are hundreds of years old. Using a camera with a flash will put far too much UV light on the paintings and cause them to break down in the long run. Do as instructed and shoot without flash.

Paying for an audio guide in the Mauritshuis – Most museums offer audio guides for a (small) surcharge. If you have a smartphone, you can download the Mauritshuis app for free (there is even internet in the museum). Then you can use your phone as an audio guide and you don’t have to borrow one from the museum.

Shopping district cross without looking – The busy shopping area of The Hague, the Grote Marktstraat, ending in a sort of crossroads where trams, pedestrians, and cyclists from all sides must. Watch out and be passive-aggressive. As soon as you can cross; to do!

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